New fair trade cards just waiting to be sent!

Posted at 12 July 2017

Yep, new cards out again. We have some great new fair trade cards that are just waiting to be sent! For this new collection the teenagers had to be double as creative. Not only in taking the photographs but also making the objects in the pictures themselves. Check out some of their newest cards below. […]

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Second FairMail teenager graduates from University

Posted at 12 July 2017

11 years after FairMail started, former photographer Yuli (23, Peru) gave us the best birthday present of all by graduating from University. An amazing achievement if you consider that as a little girl Yuli had to help her parents select stones and gravel at the quarry to help make ends meet after moving from the […]

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Finding Happiness, through the eyes of 10 teenage photographers from Peru

Posted at 12 July 2017

According to 16 year old Angelica “The real secret of happiness is to request a lot from oneself and very little from others”. She and her fellow FairMail photographers probably possess this wisdom through the hardships they have experienced in their young lives, forcing them to learn to turn adversities into forces for positive change. Their […]

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Mission Possible: Paul and Dante on their way to become soccer stars

Posted at 12 July 2017

Remember the news about the “Mission Possible” project aimed at helping the FairMail teenagers identify and chase their own dreams? Only a few months later, Paul and Dante have already achieved their goal by getting admitted into a soccer academy. Step one according to them to follow the steps of their soccer heroes Cristiano Ronaldo and […]

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New Video on how FairMail empowers; according to the teenagers

Posted at 12 July 2017

There are already many videos online showing what FairMail does on our YouTube channel. What was still missing was a video where the teenagers themselves explain what a day in the office looks like, what FairMail means to them and what they have gotten out of it. In this video you can learn it all […]

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Fair trade Birthday cards

Posted at 10 July 2017

FairMail’s teenage photographers offer fair trade cards for all different occasions. Including fair trade Birthday cards of course! Photographic birthday cards In our webshop you can see the results of the teenagers’ creativity and hard work. Their photographic birthday cards include photographs of balloons, birthday cakes plus some typical images of how they celebrate birthdays […]

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New fair trade Mothers Day cards out now!

Posted at 25 April 2017

The 14th of May is Mothers Day! Thé day to tell your mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, sister or friend how happy you are they are always there for their children, and you. What’s a better way to do so than with a personal fair trade Mothers Day card? As you can expect from our young photographers […]

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Celebrate World Fair Trade Day with 25% Discount on fair trade cards

Posted at 25 April 2017

Agents for Change across five continents will join hand in hand for Fair Trade and the Planet to celebrate World fair Trade Day on 13 May 2017. Join us and be part of the movement by sending out a fair trade greeting card to someone you have been thinking about lately. 25% discount on fairtrade […]

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FairMail for and by local teenagers: Anidela and Angeles new co-managers

Posted at 24 April 2017

Since the 1st of April FairMail Peru has a new co-management team: former teenage photographers Anidela and Angeles take over the tasks of Maria Flor and Betty who are both pursuing new goals to study and work abroad. For and by local teenagers We have very good experiences with employing former teenagers for management positions since 2014 […]

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Mission Possible: working on personal goals

Posted at 23 April 2017

Money alone is not enough The money the teenagers earn with the sale of their cards will get them nowhere without a personal goal for the future which they believe in. Now that FairMail founder Janneke graduated as adolescents coach we started a new project called Mission Possible. During a shared 11-step program each teenager […]

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