Help your employer fulfil its CSR policy

Posted at 7 September 2016

Nowadays most companies and organisations are aware of their Corporate Social Responsibility and actually have a CSR policy in place. However they find it is often not so easy to communicate this to the outside world. That’s where FairMail comes in. We made it very easy for your employer to fulfil and express its social […]

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New fair trade Christmas card sets with 20% discount

Posted at 7 September 2016

We are very proud to present this year’s fair trade Christmas card collection to you! This year you can send your cards in the true spirit of Christmas while supporting our motivated and hardworking teenage photographers. In total we have 3 new Christmas card value packs and 9 new Christmas cards. Including the cards from […]

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The impact that really matters: life after leaving FairMail

Posted at 7 September 2016

In our earlier newsletter you read about FairMail’s impact expressed in numbers. And personal stories about FairMail’s impact on the lives of our current teenagers. But perhaps the most important is the life our former photographers are living years after leaving FairMail. As this year FairMail is celebrating its 10th birthday we can now provide […]

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Maria flor: FairMail’s first university graduate

Posted at 7 September 2016

This year FairMail is celebrating its tenth anniversary. We got the biggest gift of all from former FairMail Peru photographer Maria flor who became the first FairMail teenager to get a university degree! And also the first in her family. In July she defended her thesis successfully and finished the 5-year communications sciences degree at […]

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Video FairMail photography trip “La Ruta del Cacao”

Posted at 7 September 2016

In the end of July 5 of FairMail’s teenage photographers set off for a 10 day photography trip to the Peruvian Amazon. Together with 6 photo fanatics from the USA, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands they followed the “Cacao Route” learning all about the cultivation, harvesting and processing of cacao. Besides taking amazing cacao photos […]

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New video updates FairMail teenagers online

Posted at 7 September 2016

The great thing about the FairMail cards is that you can see on the back of each card who you are supporting directly with your purchase. Each FairMail teenager has his or her own story about dreams, hardships, passions and getting ahead in life. We have now updated the personal profile pages of our current […]

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FairMail is hiring!

Posted at 28 June 2016

Are you, or do you know, FairMail’s new sales agent for the corporate market? We have a vacancy for an entrepreneurial, commercial and persuasive person with an optimistic spirit and excellent customer service skills to come join FairMail’s international team. In return for helping new corporate customers all over the world express their corporate social […]

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Information session FairMail photography trip on 8th of October

Posted at 27 June 2016

Is Peru also on your bucket-list for holiday destinations? The best way to get to know the real Peru is travelling together with the locals: the FairMail teenagers. During FairMail’s photography trips you travel together to off-the-beaten-track destinations in Northern Peru, sharing the joy of taking pictures of the local beauty you encounter. For those […]

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FairMail General Year Report now available on-line

Posted at 27 June 2016

As fair trade guaranteed member of the World Fair Trade Organization, FairMail has transparency as one of its core values. We believe that all our customers, teenagers, cooperation partners and of course YOU have the right to know all about FairMail’s activities, what the results are and the effects of all of this on people, […]

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FairMail’s impact as you have never seen it before

Posted at 27 June 2016

FairMail dreams of a world in which ALL adolescents have equal opportunities to educate and develop themselves. In our last newsletter you already read about the impact you help to create by purchasing FairMail’s fair trade photo products. But as an image says so much more than words we asked the JAM Academy to develop this […]

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