Personalize your fairtrade Christmas cards online

Posted at 5 December 2016

FairMail’s fairtrade Christmas cards are transforming the lives of at-risk teenagers in Peru, all through the power of their own creativity. Show you care by sending out fairtrade Christmas cards this year. With FairMail’s new collection on Greetz you don’t even have to leave your home! You can personalize your Christmas card online and have Greetz […]

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Christmas value packs that make your festive season fairer

Posted at 5 December 2016

This year you can make your festive season fairer then ever before with FairMail’s Fairtrade Christmas card collection. By purchasing them in these boxed value packs you can do so without jeopardizing your budget for the holiday season . Starting at 8,50 euro per 10 cards!

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How do the FairMail teenagers celebrate Christmas?

Posted at 5 December 2016

“In Peru we have the tradition to celebrate Christmas with our families in our homes.” according to Julissa. Her colleague Anidela explains how the preparations work: “Normally we get together first to organize things and to plan who will bring what on Christmas day.” “On the day itself we meet at 8 pm in my […]

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New: anti-stress Yoga calendar 2017!

Posted at 26 October 2016

FairMail’s 2017 Fair Trade Calendar is out now! The Fair Trade Weekly planner is filled with beautiful pictures of children doing yoga. All pics are taken by our teenage photographers, with the help of their flexible younger brothers and sisters as photo models. This year the quality of the kids yoga pictures is from a […]

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The Cacao Route - Photo documentary

Posted at 26 October 2016

In August the Peruvian FairMail teenagers made an unforgettable journey along North Peru’s Cacao route (see video here). This not only provided a unique insight into the “From Bean to Bar” chocolate producing process. But also resulted in a photo documentary series with amazing photographs of the various production stages and inspiring stories by the […]

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Corporate Christmas (E-)cards

Posted at 26 October 2016

Big chance your employer is brainstorming these days on what Christmas card to send out to all contacts this year. Why not suggest a FairMail card this year? A fair price for a quality photo with an inspiring positive story behind each photograph. Plus FairMail can cater for all needs: e-cards, printed cards, photography for social […]

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Update FairMail India, 2 years later

Posted at 26 October 2016

This month it is 2 years ago that FairMail India had to close its doors after the incidents that took place (read what happened here). Time for a short update on what has happened since. Free on bail The most important thing is that the FairMail team member who was put in prison for over […]

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Fair Trade Week: 20% discount!

Posted at 26 October 2016

From the 29th of October till the 5th of November we celebrate Fair Trade Week. This means showing how fair trading practices can make a real difference for disadvantaged producers worldwide. As loyal FairMail fan we think it is only fair to let you be part of the party. By offering you a 20% discount […]

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New kid on the block: Julissa

Posted at 26 October 2016

Since august FairMail Peru has a new kid on the block. Julissa (16) successfully fulfilled her trial period with FairMail and filled the empty spot left by retiring Angeles. Just like Angeles we recruited Julissa from the local YMCA which works with families trying to make a living on the local garbage belt. Julissa seems […]

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Help your employer fulfil its CSR policy

Posted at 7 September 2016

Nowadays most companies and organisations are aware of their Corporate Social Responsibility and actually have a CSR policy in place. However they find it is often not so easy to communicate this to the outside world. That’s where FairMail comes in. We made it very easy for your employer to fulfil and express its social […]

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