New fair trade Mothers Day cards out now!

Posted at 25 April 2017

The 14th of May is Mothers Day! Thé day to tell your mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, sister or friend how happy you are they are always there for their children, and you. What’s a better way to do so than with a personal fair trade Mothers Day card? As you can expect from our young photographers […]

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Celebrate World Fair Trade Day with 25% Discount on fair trade cards

Posted at 25 April 2017

Agents for Change across five continents will join hand in hand for Fair Trade and the Planet to celebrate World fair Trade Day on 13 May 2017. Join us and be part of the movement by sending out a fair trade greeting card to someone you have been thinking about lately. 25% discount on fairtrade […]

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FairMail for and by local teenagers: Anidela and Angeles new co-managers

Posted at 24 April 2017

Since the 1st of April FairMail Peru has a new co-management team: former teenage photographers Anidela and Angeles take over the tasks of Maria Flor and Betty who are both pursuing new goals to study and work abroad. For and by local teenagers We have very good experiences with employing former teenagers for management positions since 2014 […]

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Mission Possible: working on personal goals

Posted at 23 April 2017

Money alone is not enough The money the teenagers earn with the sale of their cards will get them nowhere without a personal goal for the future which they believe in. Now that FairMail founder Janneke graduated as adolescents coach we started a new project called Mission Possible. During a shared 11-step program each teenager […]

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FairMail office Peru closed due to flooding

Posted at 20 April 2017

Trujillo flooded 6 times As some of you will have read in the news, Peru has been hit with the worst floods in 20 years (read more here if you missed it). Due to exceptional warming of the Pacific Ocean (called El Nino Costero) heavy rains fell in the normally dry desert of Northern Peru, […]

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Information Session FairMail Photography Trips to Peru

Posted at 15 February 2017

On Saturday the 20th of May we are organizing an information session about FairMail’s photography trips in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The program starts at 4.30 pm. During the event we will explain the concept of the FairMail Photography trips in general and go into detail about the specific upcoming trips. Also you can ask any questions […]

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The highs and lows of the Peruvian FairMail teenagers in 2016

Posted at 15 February 2017

The beginning of the year is a good moment to look back at your highs and lows of the past year. And to make plans and set goals for the coming year. We asked the FairMail teenagers to put their thoughts on paper for us. Paul for example has as goal to become photographer of the […]

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Anidela: Photographer of the year

Posted at 15 February 2017

In the beginning of February 19 year old Anidela was chosen as photographer of the year. During the annual election all FairMail members casted their vote for the teenager who represents FairMail’s values best according to them. In the end the majority decided that Anidela is the most motivated during classes, shows the most responsible […]

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Photo report Photography trip to the “lost empire of the Chachapoyas”

Posted at 15 February 2017

In January 5 of the Peruvian FairMail teenagers set off to the Peruvian cloud forest.  Accompanied by 5 enthusiastic photo amateurs who had booked a place to come along on one of FairMail’s photography trips. The destination of the trip was the “Lost Empire of the Chachapoyas”, a beautiful area in the North East of […]

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The tension mounts: who will receive a fair trade Valentine card this year?

Posted at 15 February 2017

A lot of nervous giggling: That is what you can count on hearing when you ask a Peruvian FairMail teenager who they will send a Valentine card this year. Double the amount of giggling is you even suggest the idea that they might receive a Valentine card this year. FairMail’s teenage photographers were a lot […]

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