Teenage photographer Juan Carlos puts a smile on his family's face

Posted at 16 December 2010

Over the last few months Juan Carlos from FairMail Peru sold a lot of his cards. He is saving up his earnings to build an own hotel with restaurant where he wants to become the main cook. But on the short run he is not forgetting about his family. Even though he lived on the streets for a couple of years due to problems at home.

With his earnings he was able to help improve his  parents house. With an epileptic mother and a father who often already spent his days earnings in the pub before getting home the house was not in a good shape. As you can see below it was built as cheap as possible with sun dried “adobe” bricks without any concrete structures. That works fine untill it starts raining or you get an earthquake.


The house is now built up again with proper baked bricks and a concrete reinforced frame to hold the weight of the house.


With the earnings of his Christmas cards Juan Carlos hopes to be able to put in proper glass windows too and a sturdy front door. As he says himself: “Never give up on your dreams and you will achieve them in the end!”


Click here to send Juan Carlos a congratulations email. And you also get to see all his cards and best pictures, which of course can be ordered in FairMail’s webshop.


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