Fair Trade Cards

Greeting cards, e-cards, stock photos, customized cards

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Year-round volunteer programs in Peru

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Sustainable tourism

Adventure trips with positive impact on local communities

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We fight against child labor one card at a time

We are a social enterprise based in Peru and we produce fair trade greeting cards with pictures taken by underprivileged Peruvian teenagers.

The photographers receive 60% of the proceeds and they invest it in their education.

Our mission is to fight against child labor in Peru and promote education as the driving force
to social and economic empowerment.

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Volunteering in FairMail: Victor tells us what is like!

Hi Victor, tell us something about yourself. My name is Victor, I’m 25 years old and I’m from Paris. I study Political...

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FairMail manager and former photographer Anidela has graduated!

A major achievement for her and an endless source of pride for FairMail Anidela joined FairMail in 2011 when she was 13 old....

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