Who is behind FairMail now?

Posted at 22 January 2018

After the announcement of the takeover, FairMail founders Janneke Smeulders and Peter den Hond have been overwhelmed with messages of support and they are very glad about it. We guess many of you are probably wondering: “who is running FairMail now?” Well, everyone please meet Kira, Federica and Natalia. Kira, Federica and Natalia met for […]

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Show your love with a sustainable card!

Posted at 22 January 2018

Nothing says “I love you” like a fair trade card! Thanks to the talent and creativity of our teenagers from Peru, India and Morocco, FairMail can offer you a wide range of Valentine’s cards to tell the people you love how much you care for them. It’s amazing to think of all the things that […]

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FairMail and Goldbek winning the 2018 “Hamburg! Handelt! Fair!” competition

Posted at 22 January 2018

2018 couldn’t be off to a better start! Last week the Hamburg City Hall hosted the final round of the Hamburg! Handelt! Fair! competition. The aim of the competition is to raise awareness on fair trade products and to implement effective marketing strategies to promote them on the market. Six teams of students from six […]

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2017 Photographer of the Year

Posted at 22 January 2018

As every year, the election of the Photographer of the Year is always awaited with tense anticipation. This is a reward that all the teenage photographers aspire to, but what does exactly mean being elected Photographer of the Year and how does the election work? And most importantly, who is 2017 Photographer of the Year? […]

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Christmas in FairMail

Posted at 22 January 2018

A very special Christmas in Fair Mail! Christmas is all about sharing happiness with the people you love and that’s exactly what happened at the FairMail Christmas party in Huanchaco! The day kicked off with a very interesting workshop on feedback held by our volunteer Jet. The teenagers learned how to give and receive feedback […]

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New Online Fair Trade Christmas Card Collection

Posted at 9 December 2017

In our last newsletter you could already enjoy our newly printed Christmas Card collection. This time we are presenting you our on-line Christmas Card collection. With 4 great new motives you can now choose from 28 different Christmas Card motives to personalize online. After writing your fair trade Christmas messages, our partner Greetz takes care […]

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New owners for FairMail!

Posted at 9 December 2017

Take a seat while reading this huge news: after more then 11 years FairMail founders Peter and Janneke are ready to take a step back and hand over “their baby” to new owners. “We noticed that our energy for some of the business aspects of the company was diminishing. And that this also blocked our […]

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Christmas Gift Tip: “Finding Happiness”

Posted at 9 December 2017

With Christmas coming up you are surely thinking about what to give to your loved ones. You can make your friend or family member ánd the FairMail teenagers happy by giving FairMail’s photo book “Finding Happiness”. This little book gives 56 pages of valuable insights on how to find happiness through the eyes of Peruvian […]

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Kzanier invests his earnings in graphic design and Macbook

Posted at 1 November 2017

A great example of a teenager who is working well towards his goals is 17-year-old Kzanier from FairMail Peru. In September 2017 he started his second semester at the private ITN institute in Trujillo where he is studying a 3-year career in graphic design. With the Apple laptop he just bought from his FairMail money he […]

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Fair trade Christmas cards with 20% discount

Posted at 1 November 2017

We are very proud to present this year’s fair trade Christmas card collection to you! This year you can send your cards in the true spirit of Christmas while supporting our motivated and hardworking teenage photographers. In total we have 1 new Christmas card value pack and 9 new Christmas cards. Including the cards from last year’s […]

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