A special guest from Brazil

Posted on 28 January 2019

On Saturday (28/01) we had a special guest from Brazil. Professor Edson Sadao Iizuka from the Management Department of the “Centro Universitário FEI of São Paolo is conducting a research study on social enterprises based in South America that operate on an international level. He’s traveling across the continent to gain a first-hand experience on how they work, their potential and the challenges they are facing. The focus of his research is on the internationalization of social enterprises and on how they can become stronger players in the market.

He spent the whole day with us learning about FairMail and interviewing directors Kira and Federica, local managers Angeles and Anidela and photographers Julisa and Kzannier.

Talking to him was inspiring to say the least because he gave us a broader perspective on the role of social enterprises in South America and a very clear picture on the common challenges that this type of businesses faces every day.

It was an honor for us to contribute to his research and we look forward to reading his final paper.


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