Anidela: Photographer of the year

Posted at 15 February 2017
FairMail Peru photographer Anidela

FairMail Peru photographer Anidela

In the beginning of February 19 year old Anidela was chosen as photographer of the year. During the annual election all FairMail members casted their vote for the teenager who represents FairMail’s values best according to them. In the end the majority decided that Anidela is the most motivated during classes, shows the most responsible behaviour, is always on time, honest and the most helpful towards the other team members.

The title “Photographer of the year” is a form of recognition, but also a signal for the others that Anidela’s example is to be followed. Not without a reason a few of the other teenagers have set as their goal for this year to become Anidela’s successor.

For Anidela it is already the third time she becomes photographer of the year. This time the election was held during her goodbye party. As she turned 19 years old in January she is now ready for her FairMail retirement. We will greatly miss her great example, but hope to see her back on the team soon. More news about that in the next newsletter….

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