Fair Trade stock photography available for businesses and organisations

Posted at 10 December 2011

FairMail’s mission is to sell the pictures made by our teenage photographers so they can invest part of the profit in their future. Besides the printing of pictures on greeting cards the pictures are being sold more and more to companies and organisations for their year reports, websites, office decoration and as internal stock photography for presentations by employees.

Fair trade pictures for the ASN Bank and DHV Consultancy

FM0019 RositaFor example the Dutch ethical ASN Bank already uses FairMail pictures for its internal year reports and publications about their share funds. According to Elly Bal, marketing officer at ASN “with pictures by FairMail you help teenagers in Peru and India create a better future for themselves”

DHV Consultancy was looking for images that represent their core corporate values and made a concrete picture assignment for the teenage photographers in Peru and India. Before the agreed deadline we sent them a large selection of the resulting images to choose from. These are now available for DHV employees to use in presentations  via the internal stock photography database. This way DHV can show it’s social corporate responsibility in an easy way.

How does it work?

Fm0335 AnilThrough FairMail’s online photo gallery the available images can be viewed. Through the tag cloud you can easily browse through different themes like environment, cooperation, or Christmas and New Year to find a picture for this years corporate Christmas Card. Each pictures has an unique code with which you can let FairMail know which picture you are interested in and request a price quote. It you can’t find what you are looking for yet you can give an assignment to our young photographers. They love to take pictures on demand! Knowing that if their pictures is good enough for the final selection they can earn the money necessary to finance their own education!

An idea for your employer?

FM0324 mariaflorPerhaps this is an idea for your employer or team. Just imagine that you and your collegues only use fair trade pictures in the future for your communication. Wouldn’t that be great? If wanted we can also provide an image and information about the teenager who took the picture. That way you can communicate the unique story behind your images easily.

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