FairMail cards printed with biodegradable ink

Posted on 9 December 2011

FairMail believes that besides the people and the profit also the planet should benefit from its activities. Also regarding the environment FairMail wants to be the 100% responsable alternative greeting card! So what does that mean in practice?

In January 2011 the first FairMail cards where printed using so called bio-inkts. That means that the ink used is based on vegetable oils like line seed and soy oil. You might never have thought about it but conventional inks use mineral oils as basis and so aren’t bio degradable plus make use of a non renewable resource!

Besides that our envelopes and cards are printed on FSC certified paper. That means the woodpulp comes from sustainably managed forests that comply with the criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council.

Since spring of 2009 FairMail uses cello bags made from biodegradablecorn starch to pack our cards. So after unpacking your card you can throw it on the compost heap!

The next step for FairMail is printing the cards closer to the end used. That way we can reduce the transport distance and the CO2 emision.


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