FairMail for and by local teenagers: Anidela and Angeles new co-managers

Posted at 24 April 2017
Our new co-managers Anidela and Angeles

Our new co-managers Anidela and Angeles

Since the 1st of April FairMail Peru has a new co-management team: former teenage photographers Anidela and Angeles take over the tasks of Maria Flor and Betty who are both pursuing new goals to study and work abroad.

For and by local teenagers

We have very good experiences with employing former teenagers for management positions since 2014 when Maria Flor, Yuli and later also Betty became the local managers. This way FairMail Peru not only exists for local teenagers but also exists thanks to the same teenagers who make promotion into a coordinating function.

To be honest, we already had a bit of an eye on Anidela and Angeles since we selected them for FairMail’s European promotional tour in 2015. Since then our confidence in these two 19 year old girls has only grown. And with their continued focus on their education they are great examples for the current teenagers of what you can achieve with a motivated and responsible attitude.

Anidela when she entered FairMail in 2011

Anidela when she entered FairMail in 2011

Angeles when she entered FairMail in 2013c

Angeles when she entered FairMail in 2013

Big challenges ahead

After a one month training period they officially started on the 1st of April 2017. Anidela says “what I like about my job is to be able to develop myself on a personal and professional level and at the same time help the teenagers with their photography through my own ideas and suggestions.”. Of course their young age and little management experience will make their new jobs all the more challenging. Angeles says about this: “my biggest challenge will be to win the trust of the teenagers, Peter and Janneke. I hope they will put their trust in me so we can have a good relationship and communication. Because that is the basis for FairMail to function well.

Thank you Maria flor and Betty!

The first weeks look very promising and we very much look forward to see them grow further. We would like to thank Maria Flor and Betty one more time for their great work as co-managers for FairMail Peru for 3 years and 1 year respectively. And we wish them all the best in finding a great family in the United States where they hope to be working as Au Pair very soon.

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