FairMail India photographer Dhiraj passes his exam!

Posted at 27 November 2012
Dhiraj with his family

Dhiraj with his family

Remember Dhiraj? The Indian FairMail photographer who traveled through Europe last summer on a FairMail promotion tour and to investigate his card market? When asked by his audience he often repeated that he was waiting for the result of his exam in political sciences.

Now, 7 months later, he finally got the result. As we figured many people would be curious to know we asked him about it. These are the answers we got from him:

1. So what was the result of your exam?

The result was good.The entire process of the exam took about one month to complete with written and oral segments every few days. My goal was to receive 53% and that is the score that I got. 

2. How long did you have to wait between taking the exam and hearing the result?

I had to wait six to seven months to hear the result.

3. Why did it take so long?

Well, Uttar Pradesh (the largest Indian state, where Varanasi is situated, red.) has the highest population of students and my college has different boards throughout Uttar Pradesh that are all graded at the same time. So it takes a long time to do that.

4. So what is the next thing you have to do to become an IAS officer?

I have to take an entrance exam and if I pass I will be invited to have an interview. In the next six months, I will prepare for that exam at an institute for IAS officer preparation, and then I will take the exam in May or June.

5. How much money do you still need to earn to finish your study to become an IS officer?

For preparation I will need about 50.000 rupees (725 euro) More or less.

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