FairMail India photographer Dhiraj promoted to assistant manager

Posted on 30 May 2012
Dhiraj in the FairMail India office

Dhiraj in the FairMail India office

On the first of May 2012 FairMail India photographer Dhiraj retired from FairMail after three years working as teenage photographer. Because of his responsible attitude and improved English skills he got a new job as the first assistant manager of FairMail India. We asked him what he thought of his early retirement and the new challenge ahead of him. Here is what he said:

What do you think about your retirement from FairMail as photographer?

“Retirement from FairMail as a photographer its little bit sad because I enjoy taking photos for postcards. I miss that very much. The way I learn photography and English in FairMail was very cool. And also my friends in FairMail have more years then me as I started at an older age. I wish that I could have had more time as a photographer.”

(FairMail works with teenagers until they reach the age of 19. Then they retire, handing over there camera to a new and younger teenager so they can have the same opportunity. This way we prevent dependency from FairMail and make it clear to the teenagers that they only have a certain amount of time in which they have to be very motivated to get out of FairMail what is in it for them. Their “pension” consists of 50% of the earnings of their pictures which FairMail keeps selling for them as long as possible. They can’t product NEW pictures though.)

What did you like most about your time as photographer? What was your best memory?

“As a photographer I like taking photo’s with friends and having fun together. Every day was nice. I always got something to learn and improve myself. But my best memory was when my photo was selected for the HEMA christmas cards. That was my best memory. I was very happy because there was competition from Peru and India and Peru got 4 out of the five pictures selected by the HEMA.”

What was the most valuable thing you got out of your time as photographer for FMI?

“I earned money, photography skills and I learnt English.”

As you can read on Dhiraj’s profile page he earned 2050 euro so far with the sale of his photographs and cards.

What do you think about your new job as assistant to Akshay?

“It is a new experience for me. I have things like translating before during classes, but then I was still a photographer. I like FairMail so much as I said, I wish I could have more time in FairMail as a photographer because I will learn more things. Akshay, our national coordinator, has so many work to do in FairMail and outside of FairMail so I like to help him because he help us lot.”

What do you think you still need to learn to do  better to be a good assistant manager?

“I need to improve my in English, think like a responsible person and be strict but in a cool way.”

Which of your new tasks do you like?

“I like translating the English photography classes the volunteers teach us into hindi for the students because I like to teach people.”

Besides translating the photography classes Dhiraj is also in charge of giving photography classes when there aren’t any volunteers and help manage the pictures the teenagers take and store on FairMail’s computer.


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