FairMail Morocco wins the first prize, now what?

Posted at 5 December 2011
Receiving the first prize of the ASN World Prize!

Receiving the first prize of the ASN World Prize!

During the night of sustainability we heard that FairMail Morocco won the first prize in the category “Against Childlabour”. After waiting in suspense for a couple of weeks we where very glad with this news! No we can really begin to work on making our dream realily: “Increasing FairMail’s impact by setting up a production unit is a muslim country!”. But after winning the prize, what do we do now?

On top of our priority list is finding a good local partner. We prefer a partner organisation that already works with “deprived teenagers”, in a photogenic place and sees the added value of cooperation with a social enterprise like FairMail. Up to now we have 5 potential parties (social worker in Marrakesh, orphanages in the Rif mountains, Casablanca and Atlas mountains and a community organisation in Sidi Ifni), but we are still looking for more good contacts. (Who knows anyone or organisations for us??)

Last week we had a very useful talk with two Dutch ladies  who are married with a Moroccan and live in Mohammedia (subburb of Casablanca). She has many good local contacts and guides foreigners who want to do business in Morocco. That made us very happy because we got many good tips and contacts. But we are still looking for more 🙂

In February FairMail founders Peter and Janneke will travel for a 3 week orientation visit to Morocco. We will visit the different organisations on our list to see if there is a match. According to our planning FairMail Morocco should start its operations in the summer of 2012.

Now on with studying Moroccan Arabic, Be-s-slama!

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