FairMail Peru photographer Patricia looks back & ahead

Posted at 8 July 2012
Patricia in front of her mother's house.

Patricia at her home

In September FairMail Peru photographer Patricia Mariseta will turn 19 years old and therefor retire as an active photographer for FairMail. Of course she will be earning money with her pictures FairMail will keep trying to sell for her. Time to look back with her on the past four years she has been participating in FairMail and ask her how she sees her life as a retired FairMail photographer.

What do you like most about FairMail?

“What I like most is the teamwork which we always do. I like to share new ideas and challenges with my friends at FairMail. Also because they give suggestions and constructive ideas to me.”

What was the most beautiful moment in FairMail for you?
“The most beautiful moment was when I joined the group because in FairMail I found new challenges and new goals. But also unforgettable travel memories that I will never forget, friends that will always be there to support me and a family in which I can count on today and in the future.”

Were people around you ever jealous of you being in FairMail? And if so how did you react?
“Yes, there were friends who told me I was lucky and came up to tell me that they wanted to enter, but I told them there where only a limited amount of spaces in FairMail. When my friends talked in a jealous way about FairMail I just smiled and said: thank you God for letting me know about FairMail, meet new friends and have new dreams.”

What have you learned in FairMail, besides photography?
“I learned that life is not easy. It has many obstacles. But I also learned that I am a girl with dreams and goals. I can achieve what I want as long as I put much effort and strength into it. I learned to develop myself as a person and have values. That is the most important.”

Patricia at her school to become chef

Patricia at her school to become chef

What will you spend your time on when you leave FairMail?
“When I leave FairMail, I will devote my time on starting my own business. Either a restaurant or a little corner store. It will start as my own small business and of course it will grow little by little.”

What are your long term future plans?
“My long term plan is to organize events like weddings and get to travel everywhere. But first I will have to achieve my goal of having my own restaurant and making it well known and established.”

What you still need to make your dreams become reality?
“I need to learn more about the business of organizing events so I can continue to work on achieving my goal.”

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