First former FairMail India photographer admitted into national university

Posted at 20 September 2017
Former FairMail India photographer Anil Rao

Former FairMail India photographer Anil Rao

Ever since FairMail India had to close its doors there has been less news about the teenagers who used to be part of the FairMail India team. But this time we have some huge news: Anil Rao managed to pass the entrance exam and get admitted to study chemistry, zoology and botany at the BHU University in Varanasi! Passing the entrance exam is normally already a huge achievement but Anil managed to do so with even bigger challenges in his personal life.

Anil’s father passes away

Anil entered FairMail India at the age of 14 and was always somewhat the professor of the group, aiming to become a big man as he called it by studying at the BHU university. Just before finishing high school his father passed away due to tuberculosis, leaving his family behind with Anil as the oldest son. At that moment, we were all terribly worried he would have to give up his academic aspirations in order to earn a living for his family. Luckily his mother managed to earn some money and Anil could work as assistant manager for FairMail India at the time.

Anil with his family

Anil with his family

Fighting tuberculosis

When FairMail India had to close his doors our partner Asha Deep employed Anil by making him responsible for the teenagers’ money withdrawals from their FairMail funds. Then tragedy struck again, this time his sister got TBC causing new stress and of course the fear the disease would continue to spread within the family. Eventually it did and Anil was also diagnosed with TBC.

After fighting the disease during more than a year Anil’s health improved and he could focus full force again on his study and prepare for the entrance exam with private tuition.

A dream comes true

With as result that Anil passed the entrance exam. On the 20th of July 2017, his dream came true and he will start his 3 year bachelor study at the public university, aiming at specializing in chemistry after 2 years. As it is a public university the costs of studying are quite low, so Anil hopes to save the earnings from the continued sale of his FairMail cards for his master’s study in the future.

It goes without saying that we are extremely proud of Anil and hope that his success is a source of inspiration for the other former FairMail teenagers in his surroundings.

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