Help FairMail and win a FREE photography trip to Peru or India

Posted at 26 August 2012
Helping the teenagers during a photography trip

Helping the teenagers during a photography trip

Yes, you are not mistaking. By helping FairMail you have the chance to win a free FairMail photography trip in Peru or India worth 600 euro.

All you have to do is give us the golden tip about who is in charge of the Christmas cards or e-cards at your employer and give us their personal details. Then we can approach him or her to lay down our offer to make tailor made Christmas or e-cards for your employer.

With a FairMail Christmas card you send a message that really touches people: showing how deprived teenagers work on their own future in a positive way using their creativity. With the chosen Christmas picture comes the personal story about the photographer and the direct link to who is being supported with the purchase of the card.

You can find more information about the tailor made Christmas and e-cards in this digital flyer.

From all the tips that end up in an assignment for FairMail we will select one person who can come for free on an all expenses paid 10 day FairMail photography trip with one friend. (You do have to pay for your own airplane ticket to the starting point of the trip in Peru or India).

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