Introducing 3 new teenagers in Peru

Posted at 15 July 2015
The three new FairMail teenagers

The three new FairMail teenagers

The FairMail family just expanded with 3 new members! Since April Medalit, Angelica and Paul are working hard to fully understand their new camera’s and get a grasp of the basics of digital photography.

Getting this far is already quite an achievement for them. A group of 5 teenagers started a trial period in March to fill the 3 upcoming vacancies. The 5 teenagers were put forward by the local charities FairMail collaborates with as they all could do with a bit of support to stay on the right track in life.

During the month long trial period they all got a basic photography training and the chance to convince us that they were the ideal candidates to make optimal who would make optimal use of the opportunities FairMail would be providing. Simply by showing us their motivation both for FairMail as for school, by getting to the photography classes in time, being responsible with our camera’s and friendly with our other team members.

Angelica with her proud parents

Angelica with her proud parents

After one month 3 teenagers convinced us that they would be able to take maximum advantage of the free camera and training we would provide them with. They were very happy and proud when they heard the news. But also a bit sad for the 2 teenagers who unfortunately weren’t accepted for FairMail (yet).

We wish Paul, Angelica and Medalit all the best the coming years and hope to be able to show you their first FairMail card soon. On their personal profile pages you can already read more about them, connect with them through Facebook or by email and vote on their first photos. They have got so much talent!

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