Juan Gabriel is top of the class

Posted on 15 July 2015
FairMail Peru photographer Juan Gabriel

FairMail Peru photographer Juan Gabriel

The high school graduation wave in Peru still isn’t over. After 3 teenagers graduating in December, it was Juan Gabriel’s turn last month. He didn’t just graduate, he actually got the highest marks of all of his class mates!

Because Juan Gabriel spent a period of his youth wondering on the streets singing for money he got behind in school. The staff of the street children project he moved into thought it would be best for little Juan to get a more practical education and job experience. In order for him to get a high school degree he assisted a special weekend school which allows its students to work during the week. And with great success!

Juan Gabriel's certificate

Juan Gabriel’s certificate

It turns out that Juan Gabriel has quiet some academic potential though. He even wants to pursue further studies at the university. The coming months he will prepare himself for the admission exam at a private institute, with the money he earned from the sale of his cards. This way he hopes to get in uni to study communication sciences. He will need a high score in his admission exam to get in, so brushing up his knowledge will be necessary.

Juan Gabriel's mother in front of their home.

Juan Gabriel’s mother in front of their home.

On top of that he is also studying English at another institute and got a scholarship to study photography outside of FairMail. All in all Juan Gabriel is doing a great job in developing his potential and be able to help his family in the future. Because, despite the problems they had when he was young, he hopes to be able to build a real house on the piece of land his family squatted on the edge of the city. And that way providing him with a bed that doesn’t get wet when it rains.

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