Juan Gabriel’s impact accelerator: Paying-it-forward

Posted on 27 June 2016
FairMail Peru photographer Juan Gabriel (17)

FairMail Peru photographer Juan Gabriel (17)

Imagine what would happen to the world if all people who benefit from a good deed by others, do a similar fevour to 3 others instead of repaying the original benefactor.

Just like in the “Pay it forward” movie, FairMail Peru photographer and former street child Juan Gabriel (17) decided to make use of the skills he learned at FairMail to support a Peruvian charity supporting children with Down syndrome.


Juan Gabriel submitted this yoga picture of his for the 2016 Devayani Children’s Yoga calendar. With the sale of the calendar Juan Gabriel’s picture earned 192 euro which he decided to donate to Proyecto Yannick. Proyecto Yannick helps children with Down syndrome and their parents in Celendín, Peru by providing information, education and medical assistance.

Juan Gabriel's Yoga picture

Juan Gabriel’s Yoga picture

We are very proud of Juan Gabriel not forgetting to help others while he is working on improving himself. He is currently preparing himself for his entrance exam to the UPAO private university on the 8th of July were he hopes to study communication sciences.

To learn more about Juan Gabriel and get in contact with him, click here.


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