Make your own FairMail mothersday card online

Posted at 8 May 2012

This Sunday 13th of May is mothersday in many countries of the world. This year you can surprise your mother with your own personalized FairMail mothersday card! Our teenage photographers in Peru and India made many pictures that represent the love for our mothers. You can choose from many different models on the Greetz website (click here for German) (click here for english). In a few simple steps you can choose the picture of your choice, design your card and write your own text. Greetz then prints and posts the card for you. If you make the card before 8pm this friday Greetz will deliver your card in time. Very easy and very nice to do!

Even more because in the inside of the card your mother will not only read jour sweet words, but also read the name, age and picture of the FairMail teenager who took the picture and earns money that way to finance his or her own education.

Below the teenage photographers tell how they celebrate mothersday in Peru and what their mothers mean to them:

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