More and more corporate customers are helping teenagers into the school benches

Posted on 16 September 2015

In pursuit of diversifying the income from the photography by the teenagers we are happy to see that more and more companies and organisations are asking FairMail to provide fairtrade images for their communications. This way not only helping the teenagers earn money to pay for their own education, but also providing added inspirational value for their communications.

Here are 3 examples of corporate communication helping teenagers into the school benches:

Fairtrade FairMail photography for ASN Bank year report

Fairtrade FairMail photography for ASN Bank year report

Year Report ASN Bank Foundation

The ethical ASN Bank has been a regular customer of FairMail for years now. For the 2014 year report of their foundation they asked FairMail to produce images of fair trade coffee producers in Peru. During the photography trip along the Organic Coffee Route Diana and Angeles shot images of the coffee farming family they stayed with for a couple of days. Allowing them to pay for their university education.

Producer images for fairtrade distributor El Puente

El Puente is one of Germany’s biggest distributors for the 800 German fairtrade shops. To communicate the story behind their fairtrade products they wanted pictures of their Peruvian producers. Therefor in November, 3 FairMail teenagers will travel to the capital of Lima for 3 days to visit 9 producer groups. Their pictures will not only show how they work, but also the impact fairtrade has on their lives.

Juan Gabriel shooting fairtrade photographs for Hostal Naylamp

Juan Gabriel shooting fairtrade photographs for Hostal Naylamp

Hotel Naylamp Website

Hotel Naylamp is based in the Peruvian fishing village of Huanchaco, just like FairMail Peru. When they wanted to update their website they asked the teenagers to shoot images of their rooms, restaurant and guests. Guided by 2 of our volunteer photography trainers they took the requested images during 4 FairMail classes. Definitely something different compared to shooting for FairMail’s Christmas cards!

If you would like the FairMail teenagers to provide images for your employer’s communication, please contact us here.


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