FairMail photographer Elmer passes exams

Posted on 18 December 2009

Elmer's vrijwillige fotografieleraren

Last week we received good news from Peru as photographer Elmer passed his exams for his Photoshop and InDesign courses. He decided to spend part of his income generated from the sale of his FairMail cards on improving his graphic design skills. Elmer has been really succesfull lately with his pictures being chosen for corporate christmas cards by Vanfax Canada and UK Nurseries. Apart from the sale of his seperate Christmas cards.

It is great to see how enthousiastic Elmer gets when he tells about his photoshop jobs and sends his projects to us to show (see for example the picture above of all his volunteer photography teachers). He even made a compilation of his work, accompanied by his favourite song on You Tube. Definately worth watching, besides his great playback talent. Really funny!

We really hope that Elmer can keep growing inside FairMail and some day take over the designing of the FairMail cards and that way get a new paid job.


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