FairMail India photographer Anil invests in his own future

Posted at 22 October 2012
Anil Kumar

Anil Kumar

Last month we received the following message from FairMail India photographer Anil Kumar:

I am Anil Kumar, a photographer of FairMail India. I have been working in FairMail for the past three and half years and it has been a great privileged to work in this company. For that me and my family are thankful to FairMail.

I did not know how to read and write when I started in FairMail in 2009. With the money I earned in FairMail I started private tuition. And after that I joined an English spoken course. Now I can read and write English and I can also understand and speak English. I am continuing with both courses and keeping my hope to grow in the future.

Anil in action

Anil in action

I also bought my own DSLR camera with my FairMail earnings. I am very happy with that as my future dream is to become a professional wild life photographer and I believe that I will achieve my goal. Thanks.”

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