Mariaflor puts roof on family house

Posted on 3 December 2010

mariaflor200Great news from Mariaflor who managed to improve her families house with a real door and a sturdy roof out of her earnings from the sale of her FairMail cards. Ever since a new pub opened its doors a few doors down the block the old door made of recycled bits of steel no longer offered the necessary protection from invading drunks. Together with her mother and FairMail Peru’s manager they went to the hard ware store to by the necessary materials and contract a handy man. Now the job is finished and visitors to Mariaflor’s house can sit in a roofed living room in stead of an open air space between three mud brick walls.

The best thing of all is that Mariaflor was able to provide a serious contribution to her family. She is often arguing with her mother’s new boy friend who says she is wasting her time with FairMail and she should go find a “real” job in stead of continue studying. Now Mariaflor has contributed more to the housing of then the “family chief” who spends a big part of his earning drinking beer.  Yeah, girl power!


1. maria flor’s mother opening her new door.

2. their old door

3. constructing their new roof

4. new roof installed!


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