New documentary: “Photography against child labour”

Posted on 15 July 2015

This new 11 minute documentary shows the harsh conditions under which children have to work in Peru and the contribution a social enterprise like FairMail makes to change these situations.

The documentary had its premiere just before FairMail’s European tour with Peruvian teenagers Anidela and Angeles and got its first media coverage. Told from these two teenagers’ perspective gives the issue of child labour a face and the interviews with their parents gives the viewer a deeper insight into the complex problems at the root of the issue.

The documentary also shows how Anidela and Angeles manage to make a structural change to their lives by taking pictures for FairMail. And how they can now go to university through the sale of their cards. This way not only providing themselves with a better future, but also for their parents and other people around them.

Besides the 11 minute full version there is also a short version (5 min) available and full length versions with German, Dutch and Spanish subtitles.

On demand the documentary can be sent on a DVD for public viewing. Please contact us for more information and shipping costs.


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