New FairMail documentary: From Dump to Diploma

Posted on 15 September 2013

Next week FairMail will be on Dutch National Television in the new “Groundbreaker” television series. This week we can offer you the new “From Dump to Diploma” video which came out 3 weeks ago.

This new 8 minute documentary tells the story of FairMail Peru photographers Yuli and Yomira. How they had to work at a young age recycling garbage to supplement their families small income before they started taking pictures for FairMail. The new documentary gives insight into their daily activities for FairMail and how it has impacted their lives. Not only through the earnings from the sale of their cards to invest in their own education. But also in their personal development and the mindset needed to really achieve their goals.

A unique and inspirational documentary of hope and determination! Check it out below.


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