New FairMail site goes live!

Posted on 5 December 2009

As our frequent visitors can see the FairMail website is completely renewed. The new site has a couple of exciting new options like:

  • A new photogallery showing the best pictures from our photographers which didn’t make it to a postcard. But these pictures are for sale digitally. Coming soon: the option to get the picture of your choice printed on a canvas for on the wall.
  • Voting for your favourite photograph. The most popoular photograph will be printed on a FairMail card every 3 months. Power to the people!
  • A new photographers page including even more information about the lives of the FairMail photographers including transparency about their career earnings.
  • The possibility to place content and pictures from the FairMail site on your social network site like Facebook or Flickr.
  • A new and improved web 2.0 webshop.
  • A Retail login section where shops can login in to place their FairMail orders.

and much more, so go and check it out and let us know what you think about the changes.


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