New kid on the block: Julissa

Posted on 26 October 2016
FairMail Peru photographer Julissa

FairMail Peru photographer Julissa

Since august FairMail Peru has a new kid on the block. Julissa (16) successfully fulfilled her trial period with FairMail and filled the empty spot left by retiring Angeles.

Just like Angeles we recruited Julissa from the local YMCA which works with families trying to make a living on the local garbage belt.

Julissa and her family

Julissa and her family

Julissa seems to be a fast learner as she scored her first FairMail Christmas card on Greetz and for our German card publisher in no time (available in FairMail’s webshop next month)!

Julissa's first fair trade Christmas card

Julissa’s first fair trade Christmas card

Read more about Julissa here.


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