New “Magic Cards” take personalization to a next level

Posted on 16 September 2015

At FairMail innovation doesn’t stop with making greeting cards a tool for keeping at risk teenagers on the right track. We also innovate our cards and since this week we offer a card that makes your message to your loved ones even more personal. In cooperation with Greetz we developed 3 FairMail Magic Cards on which you can personalize your card in an extra special way before it is sent off by post. Go on and have a try!

For example with this first image you can add the names of the couple that is about to get married as if their names were actually embroiled in the felt hearts, photographed by 15 year old Kzanier from Peru.

FairMail fairtrade magic card

FairMail Magic Card by Kzanier

With this second image you can add the name of the birthday boy or girl on the tag of this birthday cake as if it was already written on it when 18 year old Anidela took the picture.

fairtrade FairMail magic greeting card

FairMail Magic card by Anidela

And with this third image you can write a message on the back of these relaxing beach chairs as if it were actually painted on the textile when 16 year old Juan Gabriel gave it his best shot.

fairtrade FairMail magic greeting card

FairMail Magic card by Juan Gabriel

Try it and you will see why we call them Magic Cards.

After finishing the design of your card, Greetz takes care of printing it and sending it off for you. You can even include flowers, fair trade chocolate or balloons with your card.

Just like with an ordinary FairMail card you can see the name, age and e-mail of the teenager who took the picture on the inside of the card. Plus the message that he or she earns 30 euro cents with the sale of that card to invest in his or her education. And that ain’t no magic!


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