New owners for FairMail!

Posted at 9 December 2017
The current and future owners of FairMail

The current and future owners of FairMail

Take a seat while reading this huge news: after more then 11 years FairMail founders Peter and Janneke are ready to take a step back and hand over “their baby” to new owners. “We noticed that our energy for some of the business aspects of the company was diminishing. And that this also blocked our inspiration for new creative ideas in business development. We believe that FairMail deserves new oxygen and energy to keep on unleashing its potential. Apart from that we also felt that both of us had a craving for some new personal development, outside of FairMail.”

“This is a huge step for us which we have been working on for quite some time now. After some investigations we found a team of 3 young women who will take-over FairMail per 1/1/2018. They are super motivated and all three of them know FairMail from the inside, as former volunteer photography trainers in Peru. 2 of them are German and 1 is Italian. They will set up a new FairMail company in Germany. As founders we plan to stay involved from the side in a Board of Advice. The 3 women will take over all of the daily work and we trust and believe they will follow the philosophy and ideas on which we based the FairMail concept.”

FairMail founder Janneke being thanked by the teenagers

FairMail founder Janneke being thanked by the teenagers

“It feels very strange to leave the company and at the same time it feels healthy, for two main reasons.  Firstly because with this take-over FairMail is able to continue and hopefully to keep growing with the 3 new shareholders and their new energy and ideas. Secondly because of the new freedom we will have to develop ourselves in new areas. Peter wants to work more with his hands, build wooden surfboards and eco-homes, while Janneke wants to continue specializing as an adolescent coach and -trainer.  We won’t be the “father and mother” of FairMail any longer but assume a new role as “grandfather and grandmother”. We are very grateful that things worked out this way!”

“To make sure that the hand-over goes smoothly and that neither our customers nor the teenagers are affected negatively we have been training the new owners for the past months already. From December to February we will continue the training while working together in Peru during the actual hand-over.”

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking here. Peter and Janneke can be contacted for private messages after the first of January via and

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