New video updates FairMail teenagers online

Posted at 7 September 2016
Video update by FairMail Peru photographer Anidela

Video update by FairMail Peru photographer Anidela

The great thing about the FairMail cards is that you can see on the back of each card who you are supporting directly with your purchase. Each FairMail teenager has his or her own story about dreams, hardships, passions and getting ahead in life.

We have now updated the personal profile pages of our current photographers in Peru with 9 new recorded video updates. You can view all of them below or on each teenager’s personal profile page.

Anidela (18):

Juan Gabriel (17):

Angelica (16):

Bryan (16):

Medalit (16):

Kzanier (16):

Julissa (16):

Dante (15):

Paul (14):

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