Peruvian FairMail teenagers start own bakery business

Posted on 4 February 2013
Patricia and Betty putting their cakes in the oven

Patricia and Betty putting their cakes in the oven

Two of the Peruvian FairMail teenagers who left FairMail at the end of 2012 (due to reaching the age limit) have started on a new endeavor: starting a bakery business together.Patricia used her FairMail earnings to study gastronomy and with the help of one of FairMail’s partners ACJ she also followed a bakery course. Betty used her earnings to study business administration. With Patricia’s creativity and entrepreneurial spirit and Betty’s structured way of working and understanding of finances they could be the perfect match. We asked them how they came up with the idea and what they are up to:

How did you get the idea to start a cake bakery business?

Patty explains: “At first I wanted to start a restaurant in our home where all the mothers from the neighborhood could come and eat. But we didn’t have enough money to invest so we started selling snacks. Unfortunately that didn’t go very well. I also made cakes for me and my family now and then. The neighbors who would join us said the cakes where delicious and asked why we didn’t start to sell cakes. At home I have a small oven, but it is too small. But at a nearby NGO (ACJ El Milagro) they have a professional bakery kitchen and they let me use their oven. Also they helped me with a bakery course where I learned a lot of things which I am using now.

Betty making some delicious dough

Betty making some delicious dough

And how did you end up joining Betty?

Betty explains: “Patty asked me a long time ago if I wanted to help. She was looking for someone that could assist her, or would be her business partner. But at that time I had problems at home so I didn’t say yes then. But now I have decided to join her and now we do everything 50/50.

So what is the name of your company?

We don’t know yet unfortunately. All ideas are welcome!

Check FairMail’s facebook to join in the online discussion and voting for a new name for Betty and Patty’s company.

How is business going for you now?

At this moment we are baking about 10 cakes per week. We sell them at 10 soles (about 3 euro) while they cost us around 5 soles to make. It is a lot of work because we make the batter by hand. First we bought small amounts of ingredients, but now we have invested in buying a big bag of flower and sugar so the production price goes down and we make more profit. We also want to buy more cake molds as now we have only 4. We want to grow so we hope that everyone in the neighborhood knows about us soon and orders with us!

Proud Patricia showing her soon-to-be-cak

Proud Patricia showing her soon-to-be-cak

Even though Patricia and Betty are no longer active as photographers for FairMail they keep earning money with the sale of their cards and photo’s. Over the coming months they will invest their earnings in their business. We wish Patricia and Betty all the best with their new endeavor and many more cakes to come!


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