Record earnings for FairMail teenagers

Posted on 14 December 2009

With the export of the new card collection to the Netherlands FairMail’s teenage photographer acheived record earnings again over the past months.

In total FairMail’s 27 teenage photographers earned more then 7.500 euro’s in education money, packaging wage and health insurance. In average the teenagers in Peru earned 32% more then the local fair trade liveable wage and the Indian teenagers even 252% more the the local fair trade liveable wage! Since the beginning of FairMail a total of 24.787 euro was earned by the teenagers.

Big earners in Peru where David, Cinthia and Rosita. While in India Anil, Kaushal and Dhiraj did good business with their popular cards. On the new photographers pages you can now also see how much each teenager has earned with the sale of their cards over their whole career. Check it out!


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