Results of European tour

Posted on 15 July 2015
Anidela and Angeles, the stars of the European tour

Anidela and Angeles, the stars of the European tour

In July two of FairMail’s teenage photographers toured Europe to tell the unique story behind their cards to as many people as possible. And to learn more about their card market. The tour was a big adventure for Anidela and Angeles who had never been in an airplane before. They were welcomed like stars in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Tour d'Europe

Tour d’Europe

During the 17 day tour they drove more than 3.000 kilometers. Amongst which 25 kilometers by bicycle. Something that left a lasting impression on them. Not only because they felt quite tired in the end, but also because they noticed how it helps clear and relax your mind. They were also impressed by how creative people in Europe decorate their houses and how well things are organised over here. And that there are many, many card spinners in the shops which their cards have to compete with.

Meeting their customers for the first time

Meeting their customers for the first time

In order to do so they made a PowerPoint presentation for their colleagues in Peru with the most important findings of their market research and suggestions to improve the offering for their customers.

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Visiting Greetz headquarters

Visiting Greetz headquarters

The most important results of the trip were:

4 articles in the media

7 visits to FairMail’s business partners

8 visits to shops selling FairMail cards

6 presentations about FairMail to a wide audience

2 photography exhibits

1 unforgettable experience for Anidela and Angeles.


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