Video report: FairMail photography trip to the Peruvian cloud forest

Posted on 4 February 2016
Helping Diana to take her perfect picture

Helping Diana to take her perfect picture

Right after New Year the entire FairMail Peru team set off on a 10 day adventure into the Peruvian cloud forest.

Tucked away in a river valley on the Amazon side of the Andes mountains, this destination offered all we needed: Beautiful nature to be used as background to shoot great pictures for the new card collections, descending into deep caves and long muddy hikes for some serious team building, the world’s second highest waterfall which the teenagers would otherwise never be able to see as family holidays are a luxury which can’t be afforded and hot thermal baths for some fun and relaxation after all the hard work.

This short video gives a good impression of the great fun we had, the beautiful landscapes we saw and how hard and motivated the team of teenagers, volunteer photography trainers and staff worked on bringing home some great shots.

If you want to join us on our next photography trip to the Peruvian Amazon in July read more here or join us during our next information session on FairMail’s photography trips.


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