Vote for your favourite photo to become a new FairMail card

Posted on 8 December 2015
Vote for your favorite new FairMail photo's

Vote for your favorite new FairMail photo’s

Did you know you can actually help decide which of the pictures taken by our teenage photographers make it to a new FairMail card? Every month we upload over 200 new fair trade pictures onto the FairMail website. After clicking on a photo you like you can click on the “I like this” heart below the picture to register your vote.

This is this month’s top 20 so far.

Our card designers and publishers are always interested to see which pictures appeal to the FairMail fans so they can consider using it on a new FairMail card. So go on and make use of your “democratic right” to decide which teenager will get his or her new FairMail card soon! Vote here.


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