What do the FairMail teenagers think about their volunteer photography teachers?

Posted at 28 November 2012
FairMail volunteer photography trainer

FairMail volunteer photography trainer

FairMail wouldn’t exist without the work of many international volunteer photography trainers who teach photography every week in Peru, India and Morocco. On average there are 2 volunteers per country at the same time who prepar 3 to 5 classes per week during the 2 months they work for FairMail. In an earlier blog we reported what this experience means from the volunteer perspective. But what to the FairMail teenagers think about their volunteer photography trainers? We asked the Indian teenagers:

  1. Why are volunteers important for you?

–          if the volunteers weren’t there, we could not learn about photography, so we would not be able to earn money

–          they are our guest, so we have to take care of them

–          because they give us ideas and projects to work on

–          because the volunteers teach us about their countries

–          they inspire us


  1. What do you think makes a good volunteer?

–          having ideas about what to teach us

–          the weak students should be encouraged by them

–          they should be good teachers

–          needs to be patient

–          it is good when they introduce new photographers


  1. Why do you think volunteers like to work for FairMail in Varanasi?

–          they will see India and the Indian culture, living circumstances,

–          help us to grow further

–          because the project is a good project where you can help people

–          because they can also travel around Varanasi (e.g. Ghats)


  1. What is sometimes difficult for the volunteers when they work with FairMail?

–          the weather, some volunteers get sick because of it

–          the trash/dirt outside

–          they can find the amount of people in India difficult/ crowd situation

–          language problem

–          people on the street might comment


  1. What would you like to say to people interested in becoming a volunteer in India?

–          they are most welcome, because through them we can learn. They can also tell us things from their own experience, not what they have learnt in books.

–          We want you to come to India to come and see our country, see the colours, festivals, etc.

–          We need help for taking better pictures.

To learn more about the opportunities about volunteering for FairMail in Peru, India or Morocco, click here.

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