Anayeli Acuña Castrejon

“My goal in FairMail is to get good enough pictures for cards.”

Career earnings: 92.19

Anayeli in October 2018:

If I look back at my first year in FairMail, I can't help but thinking to all the good memories that I have created with my friends. Not only have I grown as a photographer but also as a person. I like the support and advice that FairMail gives me to become a responsible adult. I am very happy that I have reached my first milestone in FairMail which is my first card. I hope that many more will follow.
To earn some pocket money I am working as a baby sitter, I really like it because I love children.
I am working hard to finish fourth grade with good grades so I can also make my parents happy.

Anayeli in July 2017:

Hi, my name is Anayeli Acuña Castrejón, I am 15 years old and was born on the 29th of September 2001 in Trujillo. I live with my parents, Isidoro Acuña Uriarte and Virginia Castrejón and my 6 brothers and sisters called Raúl Acuña Castrejón, Javier Acuña Castrejón, Roxana Ruiz Castrejón, Gilmer Ruiz Castrejón, Ismael Ruiz Castrejón and Wilmer Ruiz Castrejón. I go to the “Julio Gutiérrez Solari” public high school where I am currently in third grade.

My goal is to pass succesfully to fourth grade.

My goal in FairMail is to get good enough pictures for cards.

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