Anil Rao

“There is something about photography that gives me inspiration, I think it is capturing moments that will never come back”
Career earnings
€ 5,654.00
9 September
Nagwa Varanasi
In FairMail
“There is something about photography that gives me inspiration, I think it is capturing moments that will never come back”

Career earnings: € 5,654.00

Anil in July 2016:

Hi everyone I have cleared my high school with 82% score, I was declared as class topper in chemistry and biology too. Right now I am suffering from a chronic disease so I am trying to get better but after I am well my plan is to apply for microbiology courses and make a career in that field.

Anil in November 2013:

In 2013 I passed my 10th class with convincing grades and I also earned nearly 50.000 rupees in total with the help of FairMail. This money is going to be very helpful for my future education.

In 2014 I want to work hard in my studies so I will master my school subjects well. I also want to grow up more as a photographer and take photos that I can be proud of.

Fairmail provides me the opportunity to have a part time job after coming from school. This is a special thing because there are not so many nice part time jobs like Fairmail in India. With the help of this job I can earn money for my current and future expenses of my Education. I like it that I can be half independent in terms of money by the help of Fairmail.

Fairmail also provides me the opportunity to practice English with the volunteers here and it improves my English.

My major concern at the moment is my School Exams. My goal is to study hard, perform good in exams and have full command on my school subjects so I don’t have problem in my future studies. Because the things I am learning now are the base of my future studies.
Apart from that I also have to solve the problem of the government electricity tax on my house which is quite a big problem because me and my family can loose our house if we don’t solve it.

My favorite hobby is to listen to music, sing, and I hope one day to learn how to play music instruments.

I spend my Fairmail money for my basic housing needs such as paying electricity tax, buying housing material etc. I also spend my money for my medical needs.

Anil in March 2013

Anil in April 2012:

Last year I studied in 9th 2nd time and the purpose of studying in 9th standard was to make studying base good enough for higher studies. Now I think my studying base is good enough and it is a big achievement for me.

Last year in FairMail I learnt a lot of things about photography like now I can take photos on manual mode and not over or underexposed photos but good photos, I learnt about many rules of photography such as rule of thirds and composition etc. By learning these things nicely I could get the DSLR camera by getting highest marks in camera test which is a big achievement in FairMail.

For next year my goal is to get good grades in school because I am in 10th grade now and in any kind of interview they ask for 10th classes degree and results. 

Anil in 2011:

I am Anil Rao. I joined FairMail India in March 2011.I like FairMail because it gives me opportunity to learn photography and English which is very important in these days and I like photography so much.

About photography I really do not know why I like it but there is something which gives me inspiration but I like because there are some moments which I can capture in my camera which will never come back in my life.

The money which I will earn during my FairMail time I would like to spend in my education because my dream is to become a Doctor.

I believe that through my good photography I can reach my goal by the help of FairMail. I want to keep my attention in my study and motivation in my photography. I want to help and support my family because my parents can never afford to pay for my study to become a Doctor.

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