Aradhana Kumari Singh

“When I started with photography I came to know that the world looks different through the eyes of the camera”
Career earnings
€ 4,342.00
12 August
Nagwa Varanasi
In FairMail
“When I started with photography I came to know that the world looks different through the eyes of the camera”

Career earnings: € 4,342.00

Aradhana in July 2016:

In 2015 I moved to a new house. I am happy with my new home as now I don't have to pay any rent. Last year the bad thing that happened was that my grandmother died and my mother and father had to go to the village in Bihar suddenly for that and I had to manage my study ánd the household work like cooking, cleaning, everything, which was a little bit difficult for me. A good thing was that I got 70% in my final exam. I am thinking to do a medical career now but for that I have to get 85% in my results and I got only 70% so I have to get special tuition and counselling to get better and do the entrance exam. A medical study this is also very expensive. I would need 15 or 20 lakh for this (1500.000 rupees) which seems impossible. But I still want to try. And if I will not succeed then I will do a Bachelor of Science and after graduation then there are many possibilities to continue studying or work.

Aradhana in November 2013:

In 2013 there were many things that I liked, like making my own photo book, celebrating my birthday with my friends and family and in school I participated in a sport competition for the first time and we tried to win but got second place and since then I participate in any competition and it doesn’t matter if we win or lose as long as we try our best to win.

Next year I will enter in the 11th class and I chose the science direction and with that I took my first step in achieving my goal to become a docter.I will try to find and talk to people who know more about how to become a docter. And if I cannot become a docter then I thought of other options, firstly teacher and secondly journalist.

I am in Fairmail because it gives me the opportunity to fullfill my dream and to get knowledge about photography.

I want to become a doctor and I know that it is very hard to achieve this. We have to do more hard work for it and I also know that it is very expensive to study this and I belong to a poor family so it  is not possible that my family pays that much money.But fairmail can make it possible.So, by working in fairmail I can earn money and study.

My biggest concern at this moment is my final exam which I am going to do in march 2014 so I have to pay attention on my subjects as much as I can.

I spend my medical money for my family, for example my father has a problem in his leg which makes working difficult for him and I use my FairMail medical money for my father to treat his leg.

I use my housing money for my house needs like if I want to pay an electric bill or if want to make a new room or if I want to by a fan then I can buy it.

In my free time I like to read story books and I also listen to music and sometimes I play games.

Aradhana in April 2012:

Last year was my first year in Fairmail India. Before Fairmail I never used a camera. I learned many things about my camera and photography. At the beginning it was a hard to use the Digital camera but now I can use DSLR Camera.

With my Fairmail profit fund I can pay my school and coaching fees and I helped my mother in medical things. I want to become a Doctor.  It’s great goal for me because in my village there are no female doctors. I want to provide medical care in my village because there are no hospitals close by for people to go there. To fulfill my dream this year I need to pass exams to be accepted into the next standard. Now I have been studying very hard to pass my exams. I always have the highest marks in my class.

In the coming year I want to create more cards for FairMail to sell. To do this I need to become more creative when I take photos.  

Aradhana in 2011:

I am Aradhana Kumari Singh and I am working in FairMail since March 2011. I like working in FairMail very much because it gives me free photography training. I never dreamed in my life that I would ever learn how to take good photographs but now I believe that I can be a good photographer through FairMail India. Today I am able to take good photos and I know many things about the camera and am still learning. And there are many things to learn still! When I started photography I came to know that the world looks different through the eyes of the camera.

Apart of that FairMail helps me financially by selecting my best photos, and saving money in my Education fund and Medical fund through which I can support myself and my parents too.

My dream is to become a good doctor and I know that to become a doctor it needs money and hard labour which I can accomplish through my dream in FairMail

I will take good photographs which can be selected as postcards and through that I can earn money and save for my future study to achieve my goal. FairMail helps us to grow, they say: take good photographs and reach your goals! I am very happy to be part of FairMail.

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