Dhiraj Kannaujia

“I like learning about photography because my photos can be used to express my feelings.”
Career earnings
€ 8,064.00
3 July
In FairMail
“I like learning about photography because my photos can be used to express my feelings.”

Career earnings: € 8,064.00

Dhiraj in July 2016:

I am trying to get admission in a PhD. to become philosopher of doctor of political science. I already did the entrance exam for that and I hope that I will get admitted. But there are only 60 seats and 20.000 applicants so it is hard and to be in the top 60 I need some luck too. My plan is to do this PhD. but this is the last time that I am trying and if I will not get admitted then I will do a one-year photography course. Then I will try to find a job that I like. I would like to help society and to earn money with that.

Dhiraj in November 2013:

Fairmail is giving me lots of opportunity to have a part time job. This is a nice place to do work and learn lots of new thing because there are not so many nice part time jobs in my state. I have learnt so many things here with which I can improve my personality . 

My goal is to be a lecturer in political sciences. I am preparing for the Ph.D exam with which I can become a lecturer in political sciences.

My favorite hobby is to do all the outdoor games especially football and cricket. Like to play chess with someone who is very good.

I spend my Fairmail money for my basic housing needs like improving my families house. I also spend my money for my medical needs.

Dhiraj in April 2012:

The past year I improved my photography lot. I learned mostly about shutter speed and how this works in photography. I improved my English too, now I can speak more clearly and I understand well too. Last year my goal was to earn more money for my future study and I was able to take some of the courses I still need. Last year I bought a laptop that I am using for my study now and also I can use this for my photos, I can see my photos and edit them on photoshop. I earn money with my laptop by uploading files on mobile phones of some other people. I used most of my FairMail money for my education.

I want to become I.A.S officer, it is the highest rank officer in India so I have to do more study for that. Next year I want to start my study so now I have to make a big entrance exam and I hope I will get through the admission process. There for now I am preparing in the special institute. This can make my chances of study where I want bigger. I will use my money for that. After FairMail I want keep making photos as a hobby.

Dhiraj in 2009:

I am very happy to be part of FairMail. I like learning about photography because my photos can be used to express my feelings. Others then might feel the same way and then like my pictures. I also like taking pictures to remember things that have passed.

I dream of becoming an IS officer which is a high ranking government official that makes important decisions and heads individual districts. I want to do this job to make sure that my city is being taken care of.

With the money I earn I would like to pay for my studies and build a house as well as help my eight brothers and sisters with their studies and their homes. In my free time I like to study and play. I like to play street games like marbles and especially cricket.

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