Sandhya Rao

“I have dreams of someday becoming a doctor and learning medicine.”
Career earnings
€ 10,286.00
15 March
In FairMail
“I have dreams of someday becoming a doctor and learning medicine.”

Career earnings: € 10,286.00

Sandhya in July 2016:

2015 was a little hard for me as I had to handle some problems which were hard to face but I am still OK. I am doing well now, I finished my 12th exam and the result was that I got 331 out of 500 marks. And I just did my Bachelor of Arts entrance exam and also the entrance exam for Bachelor in Communications in the BANARAS HINDU UNIVERSITY. My goal is to study for FASHION DESIGNER and at the same time study to become a photo journalist as that is my dream. Thank you, Greetings from my heart, Take care.

Sandhya in November 2013:

In 2013 many good things happened to me, I especially liked a new game that I learned it is called Kabbadi. I also made new friends in school they are nice and it seems like I have known them for a long time already and they help me. I really like that so much.

In 2014 I want to improve myself because in 2013 I did some bad things like I was absent in school a lot and not concentrated in my study. I will participate in all activities and try to do all things without being shy because I am still shy often.

Fairmail is like my family for me, it has become a part of my life because I am there  a lot of my time. In FairMail I feel close to everybody. All my friends are working here and we all try to be like a chain so we all help each other in any situation. Without fairmail my life would bad because I feel good here and I feel bored without taking photos. FairMail is a way for me to travel and earn money for my future. Before I was in fairmail my family did not give permission to go anywhere but now they often say I can go anywhere so it is a good thing for me.

With the help of fairmail i get opportunities to help my family and earn money for my future. I don’t know if my family can provide me with money in the future because I have also two brothers and they are also studying. So I am very worried about my study because I want to be a doctor in the future so I have to do hard work for my study and in FaiMail to earn money for that study.

My families’ biggest problem is money as we need money to build our house.better. All my family  members are doing hard work and try to get and collect to build. Because in my family there are 10 people.

In fairmail we get money for  education but also for housing, clothing and medical costs and this helps us a lot. When we need things for kitchen or construction we spend if from our housing fund. When we have health problems we can take money from our medical fund. Also there is  some money for clothing in our clothing fund.

In my free time I like to play with my friends and taking photos with the whole FairMail group.

Sandhya in 2012:

At the beginning of the past year I was not so good in studying at school, but I have been working really hard, and now I see I am getting much better. In the tests I get really good marks, on which I am proud of course.

In this year I also made so many photographs that are used for cards now, much more than I had in the year before.  Therefore, in this year I earned more money with my photographs. With this money I can now pay for my education and tuition myself.
In the big photography test that we have every year at the FairMail office, I reached the fourth place. That is much better than before, when I got the eighth place in the ranking. Now I was one of the first persons to choose a camera, so I have a better camera this year.

In the coming month I will have an entrance exam, to enter another good school.  At this moment I am in a really good school, but I have to go to another one because of my age.  I hope my next school will be as good as the one I am going to now.  I want to learn more about science and English, so at this moment I am going to tuition for these subjects, and I hope I will completely understand this in the next year.

In my photography education, I want to understand the difficult theories of shutter speed and aperture, so my pictures will get even better and I can earn more money for my education.

Sandhya in 2009:

I like being in FairMail because otherwise I would never have had the chance to learn photography. I really like photography because I can look at my photo’s later and remember the past things that I've done. I really likes how pictures can help me recall good times. I have dreams of someday becoming a doctor and learning medicine. With the money I earn from FairMail I want to build a house and pay for studies. In my free time I really likes just playing with other kids!

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